Conferences & Events

Akali Hotel - Chania

While the Akali Hotel is the perfect place for a vacation, it has also built an excellent reputation as a corporate business hotel with superior conference facilities.

Civitel Olympic - Athens

The modern business suburb of Maroussi is home to numerous businesses, multinational corporations and sports facilities. The Civitel Olympic, along with its sister property five minutes away, the Civitel Attik, are the only hotels in the area featuring a comfortable range of conference spaces.

Civitel Attik - Athens

The Civitel Attik's pleasant surroundings, from the pool and garden to the large terrace and classy location, make it ideal to host successful events and meetings.

Civitel Esprit - Athens

The brand new Civitel Esprit, lying within Civitel Attik's pleasant surroundings, features new easily adjustable conference rooms and halls, ideal to host business meetings and eny kind of events!