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Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf Amerikanisches Englisch und Griechisch verfügbar.

More than 40 years have passed since the establishment of the first Civitel Hotel on one of the most splendid beaches outside Heraklion, Crete. These four decades of experience in the industry have enabled Civitel to perfect its hospitality standards and create a unique identity based on the company’s drive to promote the best of Greek civilization, extending civility to guests and fostering civic pride. The name Civitel comes from joining the words Civic and Hotel, reflecting the company’s civic values and honoring Greek civilization.

At the midpoint of its lifetime and after phenomenal success of its first property, Creta Beach Hotel & Bungalows, the company opened its second property – the Akali Hotel in Chania. Both Civitel Crete Hotels are designed to complement each other: Creta Beach boasts an amazing Mediterranean experience while the Akali opens up the magic of the beautiful city of Chania, positioning itself as a superbly mixed leisure and business destination.

After establishing its name in Crete, the largest of all Greek islands, Civitel ventured to the current capital of Greek civilization, establishing two hotels in Athens and extending its hospitality experience to the mainland. Thus, in 2008 the company opened the Civitel Olympic, a vibrant business and sports property located steps away from the Olympic Stadium and themed after the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Two years later, to accommodate the high demand, it opened the Civitel Attik, also located in the lush green Athens suburb of Maroussi, the upscale business hub of the city. In 2016, Civitel Esprit landed within the premises of Civitel Attik, adding a unique twist in the accommodation experience of our guests.

Our mission is simple – to provide our guests with a feeling of comfort and contentment. We treat each one of our guests as a unique individual to make sure that his or her experience in any of our properties is a truly rewarding one.

Today, while all properties offer superb opportunities for tourism and adventure, their conference and business facilities bring the best of both worlds together. Each property is very unique in its offerings, yet all extend warm welcome, high international standards and the enchanting experiences of their locale.
Greece is a truly beautiful country, and the Civitel Hotels Group wants to help keep it this way. This is why the company has undertaken several environmentally friendly initiatives to help safeguard the landscape for citizens, visitors and future generations.

Clean energy and the minimization of pollution are on top of the agenda for Civitel properties, a goal achieved by exploiting the power of solar panels to heat water and where possible using natural gas for cooking and heating. Efforts have also been placed on controlling the use of water and electricity through energy management systems.

An important part of this initiative is recycling, where the hotels have put in place a waste recycling program, an aluminium recycling program and a paper recycling program. In addition, the Creta Beach resort in Crete has used the original natural stone and other eco-friendly building materials during its recent renovation to ensure a more bioclimatic environment and to match the ecologically conscious methods of building on the island. The property also cleans its beaches regularly to ensure their cleanliness. In parallel, only environmentally friendly and organic pesticides are used in the hotels' gardens and to combat mosquitoes when necessary.

Last but not least, the Civitel Hotels Group takes pride in offering the finest local foods and ingredients rather than imported foodstuffs, contributing to less transport costs (and a lighter carbon footprint), while encouraging the local economy.

At Civitel Hotels & Resorts we understand that Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important issue that concerns all of us as it reflects the basic principles of the society in which we live and at the same time ought to keep pace with corporate growth and excellence.

  • Environmental Protection is a priority for us and is fully identified with the consciousness of our company. We maintain and develop an Environmental Management System aiming at the continuous improvement of our environmental performance, minimizing any impact on the environment through procedures defined by the Principles of Sustainable Development.
  • We have a Food Safety Management System, certified since 2005 with the International Standard ISO 22000: 2005, through which we are continuously improving the quality of the products and ultimately the respect to the final consumer.
  • We maintain partnerships with major social actors such as Smile of the Child and Make-A-Wish Greece, offering products or volunteering.
  • Understanding the needs and aspirations of the local community, we contribute to Supporting Vulnerable Social Groups and support local initiatives. Our offer is permanent but always discreet.

We are committed to continuously improving our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and encouraging our partners to implement its standards.