Green Commitment

Greece is a truly beautiful country, and the Civitel Hotels Group wants to help keep it this way. This is why the company has undertaken several environmentally friendly initiatives to help safeguard the landscape for citizens, visitors and future generations.

Clean energy and the minimization of pollution are on top of the agenda for Civitel properties, a goal achieved by exploiting the power of solar panels to heat water and where possible using natural gas for cooking and heating. Efforts have also been placed on controlling the use of water and electricity through energy management systems.

An important part of this initiative is recycling, where the hotels have put in place a waste recycling program, an aluminum recycling program and a paper recycling program. In addition, the Creta Beach resort in Crete has used the original natural stone and other eco-friendly building materials during its recent renovation to ensure a more bioclimatic environment and to match the ecologically conscious methods of building on the island. The property also cleans its beaches regularly to ensure their cleanliness. In parallel, only environmentally friendly and organic pesticides are used in the hotels’ gardens and to combat mosquitoes when necessary.

Last but not least, the Civitel Hotels Group takes pride in offering the finest local foods and ingredients rather than imported foodstuffs, contributing to less transport costs (and a lighter carbon footprint), while encouraging the local economy.